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Anonymous said: Omg the Teen Wolf/Guardians of the Galaxy crossover is awesome!!! Who do you think other characters are??????????

Hey! I personally LOVE this version: http://saucefactory.tumblr.com/post/93483776261/i-need-to-write-a-teen-wolf-guardians-of-the

Guardians of the Galaxy crossover because Stiles is totally a Star Lord and can rock the 70s’ music!

Overpaint exercise to study color and shape =3 

"Hey Uncle Scar, when I’m King, what’ll that make you?"
“A monkey’s uncle.”


Second rising to come.

how I spent my summer… not even sorry. Wait for me Fall!

plants and stuff =3 sorry for doubles ^^



it is some dream that on the deck you’ve fallen


it is some dream that on the deck you’ve fallen

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rendom fantasy elf archer ^^

Plot bunny:
Stiles is a bestselling author of self-help books and fail-Derek came to his autograph session to claim his dissatisfaction. Stiles insists Derek to go through the steps again with his supervision this time. Derek gonna be happy in the end but probably less because of the book and more because of the author.

5 Things I Love About Vienna ^_^

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Steter looove! *U*

Steter looove! *U*

J o k e r

Sorry for doubling, I just love this version even more. *..*