Years of cruel experiments can make you into a really hot dude *0*

Any culture’ mythology suits Stiles just fine *,.*

Any culture’ mythology suits Stiles just fine *,.*

Dear all! I have a very special urgent deal!

Waist up sketch commissions with extra reduced prices!
Plus half price for every additional character (5 max).

I’m collecting money for my AlphaCon ticket so it’s a very limited proposition till I get enough. Paypal only this time ^_^

Send me a note!

So I was kind of watching Vampire diaries and somewhere on tumbr saw a picture (or photomanipulation it’s hard to tell) with Ian and Dylan and this just happened =D


I wrote a fic yay! Actually I do that all the time, but really rarely finish anything. And this one is more of a sketch honestly. But it is: written, done and even translated in English, so yay.
Though it is kinda disturbing and full of triggers.

Scott and Stiles got in a situation that made Scott lose control and while trying not to kill Stiles Scott had to unleash his aggression in a different disturbing way.
Derek and Stiles now have a talk on the remains of a cracked friendship, possible relationships and previous life. No one can guess what can be fixed again.

Nogitsune and his bitches, hell yeah. >:D

Dark!Stiles cosplays Artemisia. I bet there is Derek-Themistocles somewhere there *..*

We don’t need them. We don’t need nobody, Stiles. Just. Let. Me. In.

Anonymous asked: Could you tag your nsfw posts in the future please? :)

sure but how exactly? Just add “nsfw” tag?

Sorry =/

Power and control

At your service

Best tea =3

Asfixation is love