5 Things I Love About Vienna ^_^

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Steter looove! *U*

Steter looove! *U*

J o k e r

Sorry for doubling, I just love this version even more. *..*

wahtabauttheseone said: Your "the house in which..." Art is purely awesome! And I will probably start "Teen Wolf" to. (Also, can you please tell me where do I find the fanfic that the "Fear" illustrates? I heard of its existence but have never seen it)

Thank you! Fear is not a fanfic illustration though. It’s more of my and some of my friends’ fanon understanding of this characters and pairing in general. Like they are so scared of things they want the most. For Smoker it’s being able to walk again and for Black it’s not being alone, more specifically being with Smoker. They are scared to dream about something unreachable but also scared to somehow reach it but still be unhappy. Something like that. =)

Gotta have some Peter/Stiles tonight *U*

Yep, I did it! So read the story guys, it hurts the best way *V*




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apatheticardency said: It's 3.35 am and I'm still crying over your arts because oh my god your style is so indescribably mesmerizing

OMG! I’m so thrilled! Thank you! *__*

Draw all the crossovers! Edge of tomorrow AU! *0*

Draw all the crossovers! Edge of tomorrow AU! *0*

So you know what guys? I think Malia is a bad news! Think about it, she is a god damn werecoyote!
Scott said that shapeshifters sometimes take a form that reflects their personality. And what good can there even be said about coyote?!

And here are Nogitsune quotes about tricksters:
“You really have to learn not to trust a fox. Know why? ‘Cause they’re tricksters. They’ll fool you. They’ll fool everyone.”
“The coyote, raven, fox - they’re all hungry, Lydia”

What are the facts we know about Malia?
- she is a werecoyote
- she killed two people from her family (and we don’t know for sure how it happened)
- she is Peter Hale’s daughter
- she insists on being unsocialized and all that shit, but fits perfectly fine in a nightclub/high school/relationship and being sassy all the way (could be poor writing but maybe not)

None of that says anything good about her personality, really. And the coyote part is most important. Why won’t they just make her a wolf? Would be more logical. Or fucking mountain lion would be kinda ironic. But no, they had to do a COYOTE in the exact same season were Nogitsune (and he had not so many lines) casually mentions one. I see what you did there Jeff! Must admit evil!Malia appeals so much more to me though. I do believe she is just using Stiles. We have new Jennifer remember my words, guys.

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My friends’ and my reaction on season 4 trailer. =D

My friends’ and my reaction on season 4 trailer. =D

Anonymous said: Your art is pure evil. Pure evil man.

tehehe thanks xD

Anonymous said: Your art is so gorgeus i'm gonna cry

Oh thank you so much! ^_____^

Teen wolf older generation back in the 80s! Hell yeah! And Claudia not-yet-Stilinski totally was Laura’s sitter and in the know! *U*

color palette challenge Nogitsune!Stiles 

I’m a thousand years old! You can’t kill ME!!!

color palette challenge Nogitsune!Stiles

I’m a thousand years old! You can’t kill ME!!!